Doll’s Gallery For Everyone…

Yerevan has always new things to surprise both the Armenians and tourists. You can find many museums, galleries, and art houses. Our Matenadaran is very famous among foreigners. And the Ministery of Culture of Armenia often organizes Museum Nights for all. That is- all the museums and galleries in Armenia work from 10 AM to 12 PM, and they are free. Two days ago I visited Doll’s Gallery opened recently. All the dolls are handmade, and they are made by children, adults. I can’t explain the beauty of these dolls. There are such dolls like French famous artist Louis de Funes, the Pope of Rome, famous Armenian actors and actresses, Charles Aznavour. Below I publish some photos of those dolls. So, Now you know another place to visit in Yerevan if you are going to come to Armenia.

Summer Holidays

Holidays are so close; just a fewSea Ocean Sand Beach Vacation Coast Chill Bare Concept days and “hello summer”. We all wait for the summer holidays every year. Everybody of us tries to plan the next holidays from February, or maybe in May. We plan how we are going to spend every day of hot summer: in another country or in a village, or at home. The following variants are for you to find out what kind of holiday person you are.

  • It is the end of winter and lots of people are already planning their summer holidays. What about you?
  1. You have already decided you are going back to the same place as last summer and the day before.
  2. You have done research on travel agencies’ web pages and you are going to spend the weekend looking through the beautiful pictures of amazing beaches.
  3. You do not know yet. You fancy somewhere different, but you do not really care where. You know something will turn up, maybe an invitation from a friend.
  • You have decided where to go and the next step is to book a flight. What are you going to do?
  1. You are picking your ticket up from the travel agent’s the next day.
  2. You are planning to have a book for some cheap flights on the internet this evening.
  3. It is too early to decide yet, you will probably get around to it in a week or two.
  • When do you usually do your packing?
  1. You have already started doing shopping. You always like to get everything ready at least a day or two before your leaving.
  2. You are going to do it all the night before. You know what you need to take and you are going shopping tomorrow to but s a selfie stick and panama.
  3. You will probably do it the morning before your flight. It usually only takes maximum half an hour. You always travel light.
  • You have just settled into your hotel. What are you going to do first?
  1. You are meeting the travel rep and the other new arrivals for a welcome cocktail in the bar.
  2. You are going to find the tourist information center and ask about where you can hire a car.
  3. You do not know yet. You will wait and see what there is on offer.

I hope you have found out what kind of holiday person are you. And I hope your upcoming summer holidays will be as wonderful as possible.

I am looking forward your comments.

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Job?

If your hobbpexels-photo-243071y is also your job, you are the happiest person in the world.

It is kind of fun to do something you like and get money from that. I do not know anyone in my circle who does not have a hobby.

My hobby is collecting pens. I have been collecting pens since my childhood. You can find hundreds of original pens in my pen box. So how can I get money from my pens?

Step 1. I should collect as many pens in different sizes, colors, and forms as possible. Nowadays finding original things are very easy. There are lots of stationary shops with the most original forms. So I need some money to buy them.

Step 2. I need to find a place to represent my collection. Maybe I will need an extra sum of money to rent a place and make it pens’ gallery. I will also need to hire equipment like lights, tables, may be glasses, other decorations.

Step 3. I will have to decide the price for the tickets. I should calculate all expenses I have to spend on my pen gallery. Then according to that expenses, I should decide how much the tickets may cost.

So, using these 3 steps I can get money from my hobby. I hope someday I will manage to represent my collection. And if you want to get some money you will find ways to do it. Good luck!

About My Dream…

I am 24 and I have neither a basic job nor children and husband. All I have is my brain and my dream. Yes, I  am a great dreamer. I have always been dreaming about traveling around the world. I atravel-worldm fond of traveling TV shows. I have watched so many shows that I can travel around the world without a map. I will be a budget traveler and will rent a bad in hostels. Or I will be registered in couch surfers’ website and get acquainted with people who will guest me in their places. The first country I would like to visit is China. I want to start my traveling from Asia. There are so many interesting things to see, to touch, to eat and to learn… Then I will visit Africa… Third-Europe!!!

It seems I have already planned my map. But for that traveling I need a risk and someone to accompany me. Wish me good luck and start traveling!!!

My dream is…

10463024_812400628783932_2055565027566780163_n.jpgThe wishes are different: some people just want to have iPhones, the others- to have a successful marriage, the other ones to travel!!! Mine is different- just once to be in Memphis, Elvis Presley’s house!!! I hope someday my greatest dream will come true!!!